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Stable Moments is a mentorship program that matches

  • 1 community mentor, with

  • 1 foster or adopted child and

  • 1 horse for

  • 1 hour per week for 10 months

to develop life skills for healthy transitions into adulthood. Each child is given a plan of care that is color coded for the life skill areas they are working on. Community mentors then choose activities based on those colors. To track progress, mentors complete activity logs at the end of each session. We also collect pre and post test data for life skill improvement and complete progress summaries at the mid-point and end of session the year.

Reno Rescue is excited to announce our 2 month pilot program taking place April & May of 2024! We'll start the full length program again in the fall and we couldn't be more excited to welcome foster children from our community to our ranch.
Learn more about the Stable Moments Certified Program by clicking the logo below
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